here are some of my favorite vegan recipes. unfortunately, some of these recipes involve things like sugar, white flour, and cocoa powder, which are terrible for you and are made under shady conditions... but i tried to keep them to a minimum. feel free to email me ( if you have any recipes or questions.

breakfast: pancakes.

breads/deserts: carob-covered snacks, chocolate frosting, chocolate peanut-butter no bakes, cornbread, doughnuts, pumpkin oatmeal cookies.

main courses: basic marinated tofu, broiled vegetable kebabs, chinese style vegetables & sauce, couscous & veggies, eggplant & garlic sauce, tofu & broccoli in garlic sauce, tofu fried-rice.

side dishes: basic couscous, basic steamed brown rice, bharta (eggplant), crispy tofu, garlic & rosemary sweet potatoes, garlic eggplant pasta, roasted vegetables, spicy eggplant pasta.

soups: anytime soup.

misc: smoothies, vegetable stock/bouillon.