you should pay rent in my mind

misc group pictures.
these were taken over the span of about three years and document many personality changes, mood swings, and hairstyles. CLICK.
bridges & alleyways.
these photos are of an alley near the building where my mother used to work. it's one of my favorite places in the world. CLICK.
my morning is summer.
these are a series of photos taken with mike's webcam on july 23, 2001. though it's fairly obvious, the boy in the pictures is mike, the girl wearing the bandana is ashlee and the ugly girl in the yellow shirt is me. CLICK.
fighting for a haircut.
these two pictures are of ashlee and mike after we gave him a haircut. september 16, 2001. CLICK.
the adventures of jesus.
pictures of people posing with my jesus action figure. CLICK.
michael stipe dance project explosion.
that was the "band" i was in. we were hilarious and stuff. CLICK.
ollie, ollie, fabulous ollie.
you guessed it, a handful of pictures of me. CLICK.