put your cursor over the picture to read who is in it & when it was taken.

l-r: heidi, elyse, laura (back), me (front). sometime in '99.          l-r: mike, laura, elyse. june 2000.

l-r: heidi, elyse, me, laura. sometime in '99.      l-r: heidi, laura, elyse. summer 2000.

clockwise from top: heidi, elyse, laura. march '99.          l-r: caitlin, ashlee, elyse. spring 2001.

l-r: top: mike, brian, russell. bottom: me, ashlee, matt. september 2001.      mike l. and wendy. september 2001.

little mike asleep on the bus. sometime in 2000 or '01, i think.