i started vv because i needed a place to release all the things i'm too scared to say to the faces of my friends and family. it was originally supposed to be a oneshot, the baby of a sleepless summer night. now it is two years later and i'm working on the 5th and final issue.

p.s. yes, the term "valiant vocabulary" is from a huggy bear song.

ISSUE #1: "to all the men and boys".
eight short stories that touched on 15 years of emotions and issues i had with the men in and out of my life.

out of print. quarter-sized, 12? pages, $1.00. came with a small poster printed on brown paper bags (hott!).


ISSUE #2: "for the ladies".
this issue was for and about the women in my life. it's probably one of the most difficult zines i've ever written. there is a lot of unspoken anger, resentment, and appology here.

out of print. quarter-sized, 14 pages, baby blue cover, $0.75.


ISSUE #3: "untitled".
this, like the first issue, is for the men and boys. i packed a lot of myself into these few pages but i don't know what to say about it.

out of print. quarter-sized, 18 pages, light gray cover, $0.75.


ISSUE #4: "the long walk home".
these are my conversations with empty streets. walking (espescially at night) is my way of letting my mind roam and clear itself out, then i go home and spill all of it onto paper. it features some photographs i took on a walk last winter.

in print. contact me for a copy. quarter-sized, 22 pages, $0.75.


ISSUE #5: "walking and talking in circles".
when i started writing this issue, it had a center, a focus. as everything came together, though, that only messed everything up. my stories started to sound like i had an answer to all of this. i don't. i am just walking and talking in circles.

this issue is a mixture of new pieces, my favorite pieces from issues 1-4, reflection on those pieces, and maybe a few drawings & pictures. it will be out sometime before january 2004.