HERTZ GOOD PRESENTS: "the diary of a protest".
i guess this sort of explains everything. it gives a quick run through of our silly hectic week prior to the protest and all the road blocks we ran into along the way.

out of print. came with a hz. good pamphlet on roberts bros. and circus cruelty.

the cover was really simple and just says "all the lights are out on elk street".

all the lights are out on elk street.
this is a small oneshot zine put together in one night during a blackout. i typed it on an ancient typewriter, by candlelight. it includes some brief thoughts on electricity, the peacefullness of a totally black street, how families should take advantage of this quiet time, etc. etc. etc. plus: poorly drawn comics!

out of print. quarter-sized, ??? pages.

these are printed on good quality computer paper, but each design only comes in the color of sample you see it as. the words on them are either political slogans, pieces of poems (by famous poets or by my friends). the pictures are either ones i've taken or ones of me. i don't know who i am to judge, but i think these rule. awesome stationary can save a boring letter. click here (link opens in new window) to see them up close. only the picture in the bottom left hand corner is shown, but the rest of the page is just lined, so you get the idea.

20 cents each.

these are printed on cardstock and come in 3 designs. on the back they are lined (you know, like regular postcards) and have all the appropriate areas for the address and stamp. click here (link opens in new window) to see them up close.

25 cents each.