august 28, 2003 this thing needed updated badly but not much is going on. recently, i went through a lot of shit with finishing high school, getting college shit straightened out and getting really sick. now i'm set to start college in january and the latest issues of TRTS and VV will be released some time before then. that's all i can say for now. write me letters!

october 24, 2002 burning the letters distro will have valiant vocabulary by next week. check out the link on the order page. miranda rules.

october 15, 2002 grrrlstyle! now has issues 2-4 of valiant vocabulary stocked. all issues of vv except #4 are now out of print, as is teaching robots to swim #2. new issues of both are on the way, eventually.

july 3, 2002 whoa, i haven't updated in awhile. sorry. copies of vv #1-4 and trts #2 are stocked and ready for your sweaty little hands. i've been doing a lot of trading lately, and while it's so fufilling and exciting to meet other zinesters, it's so much more stressful than working with distros. i appologize in advance if it takes me a couple of days to get back to you. on top of being hot, sweaty, and scatter-brained right now, i've been having email problems. just give it time, though, because i love meeting new people and reading new zines.

may 23, 2002 so, it's been awhile. it's not like i haven't been busy, though. teaching robots to swim #3 is going to be semi-thick, from the way it's looking right now. i'm tackling a lot of things that are hard to write about, so it's going slow. i just want to get this right. i should be printing valiant vocabulary #4 & all the lights are out on elk street here really soon (now that i finally have some money, sheesh).

march 11, 2002 i sent out valiant vocabulary #2 and #3 to spy kids today. all of my current projects are keeping me busy busy busy, but i always have time for answering letters. drop me an email or a guestbook entry.

march 10, 2002 i recently added info on valiant vocabulary #5, which i am now working on in addition to valiant vocabulary #4 and teaching robots to swim #3. there is also some info on a oneshot i did last night called "all the lights are out on elk street" (check the other projects page for info on that).

february 27, 2002 i'm working on trts #3 every now and then, when i feel really good and inspired. valiant vocabulary #4 kind of snuck up on me these past few days. i've been writing a lot of stuff that i really like.

january 4, 2002 i printed valiant vocabulary #2 and #3 today, they are both available from me for $1. check out the "other projects" page for details.

december 31, 2001 issue #2 of teaching robots to swim is now available. i can't print valiant vocabulary #2 or #3 again for another week or so, but those will be available very soon. also, i made a new layout for this site. yay.

december 2, 2001 issue #2 of valiant vocabulary was completed today. it, as well as all of my other zines, are shelved until further notice (meaning: until i find a cheap way to copy them again).

the protest zine and valiant vocabulary #1 are still very available though, so email me if you want a copy and we can talk money or trades.

november 23, 2001. i currently do not have the great free access to a copy machine that i had for years. i'm looking to purchase one of my own, but not sure what to do until then. staples? franklin press? i haven't decided. issue #2 of TRTS is going to be shelved indefinately until then (yeah, i'm pissed). stay tuned.

august 4, 2001. i printed valiant vocabulary #1 today. it was a very spur of the moment decision... but for right now, i'm satisfied with it. check the "other projects" page for details.

july 7, 2001. issue #2 of trts: i am (still) waiting on wendy's final poem. i've set the deadline at sunday, which means i will be printing next week (possibly even monday) whether i have the poem or not.
valiant vocabulay: still deciding if i should include two more letters or just go with what i have... as soon as i make a choice and find the right paper to print on, this should be wrapped up. look for it in a few weeks. a (small) poster was orginally planned to be included with this, and i still really want to do it... again, we'll see if i can locate that paper.
aggression canceled: ashlee and i started a new zine! wah! its still only in the planning stage, but today we sat down and decided what artlces we would like to include and made a list of people to contact and things that need to be done. we work very well together, and i can't see a reason why this zine would fail. everyone has their fingers crossed.
the distro: i still have to contact a lot of people about this. i've got some big plans, you know? a small catalog has been created but it may be another month before the distro is officially up and running.
this website: i made an "other projects" page which you should check out.

july 4, 2001. 5 zines in 4 weeks! jesus! well as you all know, i did the papercuts mini zine (#1), trts (#1), and the hz good protest issue. those are all available to anyone who wants a copy. issue #2 of trts is on hold for a few days until wendy sends me the last poem, then it is going directly to the copier... i am also working on a new zine (probably just a quarter-sized oneshot though) which should be wrapped up in another week. i'm working on getting the hz. good distro up, and though i don't need a lot of help organizing a catalog, i would love for people to submit zines or other cool projects they are involed with for us to distribute. e-mail me, kids.