ISSUE #1: "diagram of the human heart".
this issue was about human emotions. love, hate, infatuation, and miscellanious teenage angst - it was all in there somewhere.

out of print. half-sized, ??? pages, red cardstock cover.

ISSUE #2: "bridges and alleyways".
this issue focused on LIFE in a small town - the boredom, the beauty, the ugliness, everything i love, everything i hate and how my town shaped me.

out of print. half-sized, 14 pages, gray cardstock cover.

ISSUE #3: "in the backyard of my childhood".
this is about my childhood, my family, the smalltowns i lived in, growing up, and saying goodbye to all of that. i've been writing this issue for a couple years now, and it will be out sometime before january 2004, when i'm moving to pittsburgh for college.