like a lot of kids, i started doing "zines" before i knew what they were (ie: cut and paste projects with my sister when i was little). i discovered punk rock when i was 11 or so, thus, discovering zines, and, well, the rest is history (i suppose). since then, i've done a bunch of hopeless little zines, most of which never made it past the first issue. teaching robots to swim, which was born sometime in 2000, was my first serious attempt. there are two issues of it out now, and four issues of my other zine, valiant vocabulary. i also have a few other little projects going (wow! they even have their own page! click "other projects" on the menu). i'm obsessed with layouts and paper crafts and fonts or anything that involves all that silly poop (making pamphlets, flyers, stationary, postcards, etc.).

i'm the product of smalltown, USA. more than the music i love, the books i've read, or the movies i've seen... i think i am who i am because of the rural wasteland that wraps all around me. music is one of my passions, not a definition of who i am. i'm into thrash, blues, hip hop, crust/political punk and jazz. i'm not into people who don't know how to talk about anything but music. i like writing, taking pictures, walking, setting things on fire, telling stupid jokes, playing with my pets, cooking for my friends, sleeping, learning, and reading.

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